A Week in Review: Cubs Win World Series

Talk about some words I never thought I would type, Cubs are World Series champion. They even chose to win it in the most Cubs way possible, testing our faith the entire season. We have seen enough postseason heartbreak to know that the regular season means very little. The best team in baseball rarely wins the championship. No one questioned whether this team was good but as a Cubs fan we needed this team to be bullet proof.

The Cubs had a stretch in the regular season where they were obviously still very good but they showed they were at least beatable especially after the start they had to the season. Every team can be beaten in the postseason. In fact, the best team rarely wins the World Series. For Cubs fans to feel confident they needed the team be invincible. Perfect in every phase of the game which of course is impossible. Every stumble, every moment they looked vulnerable, they team rebounded. Second half they looked more like the team in April and May than the team in late June.

Playoffs were no different. Divisional round they were on the verge of a scary Game 5 but they found a way to get it done. NLCS after going down 2-1 and had everyone counting them out, they bats came alive in time to clinch their first World Series birth in 71 years.

World Series, the Cubs crawled into the deepest hole yet between getting down 3-1. The roller coaster that was the World Series with the absolute highs to the absolute lows has taken at least three years off my life. I went to a very dark place went Rajai Davis hit that home run. I couldn’t stand for what I was about to be taunted with.  “4 more outs” was going to be so much worse than the “5 outs away” in 2003.


It was going to take a special team to break the drought. Through all the ups and downs in the regular season then the Divisional Series, then the NLCS, and especially the World Series, this team proved to be the special team we dreamed of every step of the way.  For as much grief as Jason Heyward received for his struggles at the plate this season. If his speech was the difference in getting this group to recover from an all-time emotional letdown with the late blown save, then let me say it’s $186 million well spent.


I can talk about what this championship means to me by describing growing up watching the Cubs on WGN at my Grandma’s house. Or, how I used to ride my bike to Wrigley and sit outside the players parking lot and try to get autographs. We can talk about the haters or those that claim they are tired of hearing about the Cubs two days after they won the championship. But, I’m not sure it has sunk in yet.

I’m not sure when it will if ever. If this is a dream, I’m not sure I want to wake up.

My favorite team of any sport has finally… finally won the World Series. I knew when Theo was hired we were on our way. Each step along the way, I could see the trees in amongst the forest. Even with that, I still can’t believe the day has finally come. Besides the obvious days that my wife would kill me if I didn’t mention, November 2, 2016, will go down as the best day of my life.

This team can now focus on becoming a dynasty. The pressure of the first one is off. The pressure of the drought is off. The pressure of whatever curse or having to answer for the heartbreak of the past is off. They can just be a regular good team with championship-or-bust aspirations. If they lose it will be disappointing but it won’t be the soul-crushing heart-breaking days of years past. For that I am glad. I will enjoy being hated like the Red Sox are now because this team is good and will be for the foreseeable future. We are no longer the underdogs but now for real the Cubs will get to embrace the target of being a champion.

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Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions



P.S. Goosebumps.

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